SAVE $17: As of Dec. 8, the Amazon smart air quality monitor is on sale for $52.99. That’s 24% off its usual list price of $69.99.

While we may not spend a lot of time thinking about it, the air quality in our homes can influence our health, especially if we suffer from allergies. With the right technology, we can gather data about the air in our homes to protect our family’s health.

The Amazon Smart Air Quality Monitor is one such device. Today, the monitor is on sale at Amazon for just $52.99. That’s $17 less (or 24% off) its list price of $69.99. Back in June, we saw the Amazon Smart Air Quality Monitor go on sale for $54.99. Today’s deal puts an extra $2 back in your pocket. Given that the monitor’s average sale price is reported to be $61.99, we recommend scoring these savings while you can.

This smart monitor works by measuring five essential factors that influence the health of your air: partial matter (like potential allergens), volatile organic compounds (chemicals that can influence your breathing), carbon monoxide, humidity, and temperature. The monitor makes all of this information digestible for you by calculating an air-quality score that you can check on your Alexa app. In the app, you’ll have access to tips to help improve your air quality based on your score. You can also connect the Amazon Smart Air Quality Monitor with compatible air purifiers and dehumidifiers for a comprehensive approach to your home’s air quality maintenance.

It’s important to know that the Amazon Smart Air Quality Monitor does not have a built-in microphone or speaker, so it will not sound an alarm. You’ll still want a traditional carbon monoxide detector and alarm in your home. If you want to use voice control and alerts, you’ll need to link your monitor to your Amazon Echo devices and app.

Take the first step to managing your home’s air quality when you shop the Amazon Smart Air Quality monitor today, Dec. 8 at Amazon for 24% off.

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