We’ve found Apple’s latest generation of its base-model iPad to be a bit awkwardly priced from the start. At $449 it’s a little close to the much nicer iPad Air and simultaneously a lot pricier than its ninth-gen predecessor. But that all looks different when you knock a Benjamin off of it — because right now you can get the 10th-gen iPad with base 64GB of storage for $349 ($100 off) or expanded 256GB for $499 (also $100 off) at Best Buy until December 11th. This matches its Black Friday best pricing, making it a much better purchase.

The 10.9-inch tablet has a speedy A14 Bionic chip and USB-C charging port with a colorful design and gesture-based controls like its pricier brethren. As for handwritten note-taking, you can either use the old first-gen Apple Pencil (and be stuck using a weird charging adapter to plug it into the iPad), or you can get the quirky new Pencil with a USB-C port hidden in its top.

Now, if you digested all of that and you still think, “Nah man, just gimme the cheapest of the cheapie iPads.” Well, the ninth-gen iPad is still capital-F Fine and it’s available for its usual deal price of $249.99 ($80 off) at Best Buy — go forth!

In addition to that weekend deal on the iPad, Best Buy is also wrapping up its 12 Days of Gaming deal event. Frankly, most of them have been clunkers or nothing all that special, but it’s finishing strong today with a one-day deal on God of War Ragnarök. You can get physical copies of the most recent God of War, one of last year’s best games, on PlayStation 4 for $19.99 ($40 off) or PlayStation 5 for $29.99 (also $40 off).

This sale is quite timely, as just a few days ago at The Game Awards a new free DLC for God of War Ragnarök was announced. Titled God of War Valhalla, the DLC takes Kratos on a roguelike dungeon crawl, battling foes in a repeating run-based effort to get into Valhalla. It’s a nice little gift for veterans and newcomers alike, and it’s releasing free of charge very soon on Tuesday, December 12th. What a perfect time to snatch up this game for just 20 or 30 bucks.

​​If you’re still hunting for good holiday decor ideas, why not deck the halls with some color-changing lights? Right now, you can buy Govee’s Matter-ready LED Strip Light M1 at an all-time low of $39.99 ($20 off) from . You can also buy the light strip from Amazon for $44.99 ($15 off) when you clip the on-page coupon.

Govee’s 6.56-foot (2m) light strip features tunable LEDs that’ll add a pop of color and brighten up everything in your home, from stair rails and doorways to window frames. They’re also great for holiday parties as they sync to music, giving the impression they’re dancing along to the beat of holiday tunes with you. Even more conveniently, the light strip is compatible with Matter, which means you can control them with a range of smart home platforms.

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