Upon returning to WWE, CM Punk made a beeline for the one thing he’s always wanted: a WrestleMania main event match. The Straight Edge Superstar declared his intention to win the Royal Rumble match and then head straight for WrestleMania to challenge Seth Rollins for the World Heavyweight Championship. Unfortunately, an old rival might stop him from doing exactly that.

Punk re-joining WWE is something that no one thought would ever happen. However, his issues with AEW over the last year might have helped the star decide to return to his old stomping grounds. Now that he’s back, he’s looking to finish his story and get that WrestleMania main event he always talked about. Cody Rhodes is not the only one with an unfinished tale to complete.

However, there may be more than just a few issues stopping him from achieving his goal. There might even be a major name in his way.

Punk’s rivalry with John Cena is legendary. The Chicago crowd’s “If Cena wins, we riot” poster will never be forgotten, and it set the stage for their iconic match at Money in the Bank 2011, with Punk infamously blowing a kiss to Vince McMahon before leaving with the title.

Now, the time may be set for Cena to be the major spanner in the works that stops him from winning the title. Returning at WrestleMania and costing Punk the title by attacking him during his match against Seth Rollins would create the perfect feud for Cena.

The star potentially bid farewell recently, but one last angle with CM Punk building out of his interference at WrestleMania would see fans lose it.

CM Punk could have the feud built until SummerSlam

CM Punk could easily continue his feud with Rollins and Cena together until SummerSlam, at the least. Given that Cena would have limited dates, Punk still going after Rollins intermittently for the title would make sense.

If he won the title before he finally faced Cena, it would also allow for a feud between the two that could even see Cena win his 17th World Heavyweight title, finally breaking that record.

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