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The Florida State playoff snub saga continues.

Ashley Moody, the Attorney General of Florida, formally started looking into the College Football Playoff on Tuesday. It is an antitrust investigation looking into anything that could have had an anticompetitive effect.

“I’m a lifelong Gator, but I’m also the Florida Attorney General, and I know injustice when I see it,” Moody said in a statement released on X/Twitter. “No rational person or college football fan can look at this situation and not question the result…As it stands, the Committee’s decision reeks of partiality, so we are demanding answers — not only for FSU, but for all schools, teams and fans of college football.”

Moody is asking for a handful of answers through a civil investigative demand, reported by The Tampa Bay Times. These include:

  • Information about communication related to “key players and coaches” during their deliberations.
  • The votes by the committee, both individually and collectively, along with notes or any other documents.
  • Communication between the committee and the ACC, SEC, ESPN and the NCAA about their thoughts about making the decisions they made.
  • Media notes.
  • Documents or communications about conferences against an “alternate playoff schedule”.
  • Information about boycotting or protesting bowl games or the playoff themselves.
  • Internal communication about “the Power 5 conferences and the composition” of bowl games and the playoff.

Moody has given the Playoff committee a deadline of Dec. 26, and the playoff committee is calling that and the list of demands an “overly aggressive reaction.”

“We will carefully review this demand for information,” said Bill Hancock, the playoff executive director. “But it sure seems to be an overly aggressive reaction to a college football ranking in which some fans somewhere were bound to be disappointed.”

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