First of all – Where did Cloudy Parallels come from? Our radar lit up when they burst onto the scene with their previous single “Everlasting,” securing a spot in the top 10 charts. Now, with the release of “Owe It All To Me,” this enigmatic duo, along with producer OVRTHNKR and vocalist Keliza, deliver a truly genius track featuring multiple unique drops that push the boundaries of
the EDM landscape.

Keliza’s vocals add an epic dimension to the song, lifting it to new heights and showcasing a remarkable synergy within the collaboration. Each note resonates with depth and emotion, making “Owe It All To Me” a standout piece in their evolving discography. Shifting gears to Fred Again, the track “leavemealone” featuring Baby Keem is making waves with its rap-inspired vocals, UK garage-style drums, and a gritty bassline. Striking a balance between pop sensibilities and universal appeal, this track is a testament to Fred Again’s ability to capture a broad audience with his distinct sound.

In summary, Fred Again continues to impress with “leavemealone,” while Cloudy Parallels establishes themselves as a new voice in melodic dubstep with the outstanding “Owe It All To Me.”

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