It’s just over a week to go until Countdown NYE returns to the NOS Events Center on December 30-31. This year’s alien invasion promises to be the largest yet, with more than 80 artists performing across five stages to help ring in 2024. Countdown will feature the “Attack of the Lazer-Rayz” and they’re promising to bring more lasers than Planet Earth has ever seen.

As we approach the New Year we wanted to share some of this year’s headliners’ New Year’s resolutions. While some artists had more specific career and music related resolutions, many others shared the same resolutions every other person makes; focusing on mental and physical health, achieving more of a work-life balance, and being more present in the moment.


“My New Year’s resolution is to continue pushing Mexican and Latin culture through music in the EDM scene”


“I always try to make every year better than the last. For 2024, I hope to feed my creativity more than ever before and continue to prioritize my health and the health of my family. I’m so excited to continue to expand the Gryffin project and share my new music and new vision with Gryffam and the world.”


“2023 was an amazing year for me. I felt a strong connection with you all. I will make sure you guys are proud to be part of the Moksi Crew in 2024. I got some stuff up my sleeve.”

Ray Volpe

“My new year’s resolution is to take care of my health. I’ve never traveled so extensively before, and it’s really taken a toll on my physical and mental health to be honest. Recognizing that this past year, and knowing that this is what I want to do for the rest of my life. I really need to take action on it!”

Sofi Tukker

“Tuck’s new year’s resolution is to have less of a sense of urgency and Soph’s is to have more of one 😂. And we both want to continue to love the process of what we get to do.”


“My new year’s resolution is to try to find a better work-life balance. I tend to go all in with Crankdat stuff a little too much and burn out. I think if I’m able to balance what I need to do with general life stuff, I’ll be able to find new inspiration that’ll lead to some great music stuff.”

Valentino Khan

My new year’s resolution is to release more music than I ever have. My biggest goal is to take risks and take on challenges that push the culture forward. This spirit was one of the things that appealed to me about dance music in the first place, and I plan to put more emphasis on this exact energy.


“I became a dad this year, which is a completely different mindset than being DADDY. I decided that for me next year, and the next 100 years, at least, I’m going to dedicate as much time as possible to my daughter so she doesn’t grow up a dubstep DJ. Jokes aside, she can do whatever she wants when she grows up, but my career goal right now is to get Top 100 in DAD Mag next year, so please vote.”

Bonnie x Clyde

Bonnie (Paige):
“To grow stronger physically and mentally, become more emotionally resilient, be more open to change, sticking to a mindset that focuses on positivity and growth. My main goal is to live more presently, harness a life of gratitude each day, influence others to follow their dreams and become the best version of themselves so we can collectively help others to the best of our abilities & change the world.”

Clyde (Daniel):
“My resolution is to ’10x’ the efficiency of my work output while fostering a calm, positive, and enriching environment for myself and the people around me.”


“My new year’s resolution on a personal level is prioritizing my friends and family. I’m hoping to commit my free time to trips and experiences that involve them. On a music level, my resolution is putting out 2-3 records that push my own artistic taste. 2024 feels like the year to expand and push my own sonic world.”

Riot Ten

“It’s honestly hard to say just one. My new year’s resolution(s) are to get back in shape, work on my health, both mentally and physically, and to put out more music than ever. The way I see it… if I’m healthy, I’m making more music. And if I’m making more music, then I tend to be happier and healthy. It’s time to get active!”

Tickets for Countdown NYE are still available. Prepare for the alien invasion this New Year’s Eve weekend in Southern California. Check out the lineup and official playlist below.

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