As the holiday season rolls on accompanied by the abundance of Hallmark holiday movies and festive cheer, it can sometimes heighten feelings of loneliness for singles. However, in a surprising twist, experts reveal that the month of December — often portrayed as a time for couples and family gatherings — is actually the best month for those seeking new romantic connections.

Maria Avgitidis, a professional matchmaker and the founder of Agape Matchmaking, told “CBS Mornings” that while the month is often overshadowed by the hustle of the holidays, it is actually ideal for refreshing your dating life.

“December is the best time to meet someone new. There are so many events happening. There are holiday events. There are co-workers’ events, there’s someone’s birthday,” said Avgitidis.

While holiday movies often paint a picture of solitude for singles, the reality is quite the opposite. Avgitidis points out that the festive season, contrary to popular belief, is not a peak time for breakups. That designation goes to Halloween.

“We call them the ‘Halloweenies.’ Halloween, then you’ve got Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s … Valentine’s,” Avgitidis said.

In the dark: Exploring the world of blindfold dating

Eventbrite, an event and ticket website, reports a significant increase in searches for dating events around Dec. 30 and 31. This year, there’s been a 230% surge in attendance at interactive game dating events, with blindfold dating and meditation dating leading the trend.

“We are meeting in person finally. What you’re seeing is a new generation is coming into dating. They’ve never participated in that kind of dating and they’re so thirsty for that connection. And Eventbrite has given that opportunity to meet people in real life, not necessarily tied to the outcome, but they want to have a good experience,” Avgitidis said. 

Popular dating shows like Netflix’s “Love is Blind” have inspired the blindfold dating trend because it helps people be vulnerable and intimate, “but not tied to the outcome,” according to Avgitidis.

Blindfold dating events offer a fresh way to meet people, focusing on the experience rather than the outcome. 


Expert tips: Revamp your dating profile for a romantic New Year’s connection

For those who opt to swipe in search of love, Avgitidis suggests revamping your online dating profile before New Year’s. A clear, smiling headshot should be the profile’s first photo, followed by a full-body image. Avgitidis stresses the value of using profile prompts effectively to showcase personality traits and interests.


Dark, unclear photos, group pictures where it’s hard to identify the profile owner. Overuse of clichés in the bio section, lack of personal information.A mix of low-quality images, some with unappealing backgrounds, and minimal detail in the bio.

Maria Avgitidis, CEO of Agape Matchmaking


Now features a bright, clear headshot as the main photo, followed by a full-body image showcasing interests and hobbies.The clichés are replaced with genuine insights into the person’s character, hobbies, and an intriguing conversation starter.The updated profile includes high-quality images in engaging settings, with a bio that balances humor and sincerity.

Maria Avgitidis, CEO of Agape Matchmaking

Gentlemen prefer boldness: Survey reveals men favor women taking the lead in dating

But the real game-changer lies in the dynamics of initiating dates. Gone are the days when men were expected to make the first move, according to Avgitidis, who said it also opens up a realm of possibilities for women in the dating scene, encouraging them to step forward with confidence. A recent survey found that 84% of men welcome women initiating dates. 

Avgitidis encourages a straightforward and casual approach, particularly in online dating scenarios.

“You say, ‘Hey, you seem cool. Let’s meet in real life. I’m available Tuesday. Thursday.’ Let’s say they say ‘Okay, me too.’ [you say,] “Great, I live in the Upper West Side to help you with planning,” said 

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