We have previously reported into the harrowing testimony from Jonathan Majors’ ex during his trial.

Before the prosecution rested their case this week, the prosecution also showed evidence to the jury — including audio and video.

The judge has now approved the release of some of this evidence to the public.

Now, the world can see video of the former couple’s altercation … and hear audio of the actor demanding that she be more like Michelle Obama or Coretta Scott King to support his “greatness.”

Jonathan Majors glances at the camera at a film premiere.
Jonathan Majors attends the CREED III HBCU fan screening presented by MGM Studios at Regal Atlantic Station on February 23, 2023. (Photo Credit: Paras Griffin/Getty Images for MGM Studios)

Judge Michael Gaffey has been presiding over the New York Criminal Court trial against Jonathan majors.

On Wednesday, December 13, Gaffey approved the release of multiple pieces of evidence from the case.

Some of Majors’ supporters have (selectively) said that this evidence is exculpatory. But this is the prosecution’s evidence from the course of the trial. This is a great reminder to not get your celebrity trial evidence from TikTok or Twitter.

Jonathan Majors makes an unclear expression while at a public event.
Jonathan Majors attends the “Creed III” HBCU Atlanta Fan Screening at Regal Atlantic Station on February 23, 2023. (Photo Credit: Derek White/Getty Images)

The evidence includes photos that Grace Jabbari had taken of herself. These pictures include dark bruising on her finger and a cut from behind her ear.

Additional evidence included a 911 call that Majors himself made. He told the operator that he had found Jabbari “unconscious” in his apartment.

There was also bodycam footage from police officers who responded to the call and entered the apartment.

Jonathan Majors shows his profile to the camera while posing for photos.
Jonathan Majors attends the “Creed III” European Premiere at Cineworld Leicester Square on February 15, 2023. (Photo Credit: Joe Maher/Getty Images)

Perhaps most infamously, the evidence included a video from the street outside of Majors and Jabbari’s private car.

In the video, Majors appears to pick up and “throw” — or, as his defenders maintain, “place” — Jabbari back into the car after she leaves it.

Prosecution and defense have both characterized this even differently. After it, their “scuffle” results in Majors running off. Jabbari briefly pursues him, before stopping and returning to the vehicle.

To be clear, the jury had seen and heard all of this (and more) during the prosecution’s case against Majors. Now, the public can digest it, also.

As we alluded, there are folks on social media who — perhaps simply for clicks but possibly out of earnestness — appear to be misrepresenting the evidence.

That is difficult to understand. Again, this is the prosecution’s evidence. Arguing that this has exonerated Majors seems, at best, premature.

While it does not directly connect to Majors’ four charges of misdemeanor assault, aggravated harassment, and harassment, there is an audio recording of a call between the two of them.

In that December 2022 audio, Majors instructs Jabbari: “Coretta Scott King…do you know who that is? That’s Martin Luther King’s wife. Michelle Obama, Barack Obama’s wife.”

He continues: “I’m just gonna say this. My temper, my s–t, my … all that said … I’m a great man. A GREAT man. I am doing great things, not just for me but for my culture and for the world.”

Jonathan Majors wears a serious expression at an event.
Jonathan Majors attends the UK Gala Screening of Marvel’s Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, at BFI IMAX Waterloo on February 16, 2023. (Photo Credit: Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images for Disney)

The trial itself, as we previously detailed, involves an altercation in their car. Allegedly, they scuffled over Majors’ phone after he received a text from an unidentified person reading: “Oh how I wish to be kissing you.”

Allegedly, he pried her finger from his phone, twisted her forearm, and struck her right ear.

Majors’ attorneys argue that Jabbari was the aggressor in the altercation.

Jonathan Majors wears a hat and sunglasses.
Jonathan Majors attends Hollywood Walk Of Fame Star Ceremony honoring Michael B. Jordan on March 01, 2023. (Photo Credit: Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images)

Notably, this is only one portion of what way may ultimately end up hearing about Jonathan Majors.

Reportedly, multiple women from his past cooperated with the DA’s office. Whatever the verdict in this case (honestly, who effing knows with any jury), there is clearly a lot that remains undisclosed to the public. For now.

As always, we want to emphasize that this is not and should never be about any actor’s on-screen roll. Whether you love him as Kang in the MCU or find Kang stupid and time travel annoying, this is about a real man’s innocence or guilt.

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