Sleepytime Gorilla Museum is here to stay weird as fuck with their new single “Burn Into Light”. The single is from Sleepytime Gorilla Museum‘s first new album since 2007 – and first since their reunion earlier this year – Sleepytime Gorilla Museum Of The Last Human Being, due out February 23. It will be the very first release of Avant Night, a new imprint headed by Nick Ohler and facilitated by Joyful Noise Recordings.

“The music video weaves its spell among masterful studio scenes filmed in Los Angeles, through mystical woods of Oakland, and into enchanting forests of Cape Cod,” said “Burn Into Light” video director Tas Limur. “A cinematic journey unfolds, capturing the essence of the band’s upcoming album, of the Last Human Being. The viewer is beckoned into a world where sound and imagery converge, where mystery and emotion dance in tandem, and where the esoteric allure of the band is vividly brought to life. This obscure gem invites the audience to immerse themselves in the haunting glow of ‘Burn into Light.'”

On the new material, the band cryptically offered: “As this slow-rolling planetwide Anthropocene Extinction event deepens, Sleepytime’s work has only grown more resonant, more prescient,” said Mer Yayanos, current symposiarch and secretary of Sleepytime Gorilla Museum‘s long standing social math club, the John Kane Society. “What better time for them to Bring Back the Apocalypse than right now, with a new full-length record that integrates the past and the future?”

“A kind of buzzing warmth stirs in my belly,” added Sleepytime Gorilla Museum co-founder Carla Kihlstedt. “Partly, it’s the re-kindling of old friendships, but it’s also the connectivity of reigniting a community, an ethos, and a commitment to creative and independent expression, and to vibrant collectivism. I believe in every messy molecule of SGM, from its many heads to its stinky toes, from its music to its wandering soul. How lucky are we to return to the hive after all these years?!”

Pre-orders for Sleepytime Gorilla Museum Of The Last Human Being are available here.

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