Silk in the cover for 2015's Silk (Vol. 2) #2.

Image: Helen Chen/Marvel Comics

All the way back in 2020, it was reported that Sony and Marvel were teaming up to create a TV show for Silk, one of the more recent heroes to spin from Spider-Man’s (Peter Parker’s) supporting cast. In the years since, news on the show has been hard to come by: after an announcement late last year that it was retitled Silk: Spider Society and was headed up by The Walking Dead alum Angela Kang, there’s been pretty much nothing on the show—partly because the WGA strike meant the writers room had to stop what it was doing.

But Deadline reports that Silk’s writers room will begin again in earnest in mid-to-late January. The outlet notes that it’ll be one of the last shows whose writers rooms have resumed after the WGA strike wrapped in late September. Last month, Amazon was notified by the union’s west branch that by not allowing the writers rooms for its shows to begin again, the streamer was violating the strike termination agreement established by the WGA and AMPTP. “Studios are obligated to return writers to work upon termination of the strike,” the WGA wrote in a statement, adding that it would seek legal action if Amazon (or any offending studio) if it withheld writers from working now.

Allegedly, the reason for the holdup is that Amazon Studios management was examining the team’s scripts so far. As such, the room’s start date is entirely dependent on what leadership thinks, and as such is subject to change. It wouldn’t be the first Marvel show to be subject to rewrites, but as one of the first shows being made as part of Sony’s attempted Spidey TV universe, it’d be noteworthy to hear it’s getting overhauled or tweaked in a significant fashion.

Whenever it does see the light of day, Silk: Spider Society will first swing onto MGM+, followed by Prime Video.

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