Has December slipped by and left you with little time to finish your holiday shopping? I’m not here to judge you for waiting until the last minute (we’ve all been there, after all). Instead, I’ll do you one better by helping you find a variety of gift ideas that should still arrive in time to be wrapped and tucked under the tree before Christmas.

There’s a wide swath of excellent gifts you can still nab — some of which may even be on sale — including smart home accessories, tablets, wearables, and headphones. Everything here is tech or tech-adjacent stuff that The Verge has tested or vouched for, so you can rest assured you’re not compromising on quality for the sake of timeliness. And if you need additional ideas, be sure to check out our various holiday gift guides, which are filled with unique and fun presents to gift any dad, mom, kid, or gamer in your life.

Note: many products listed here sold by Amazon require a Prime account to arrive before Christmas. That said, other retailers may offer timely free shipping without the need for a paid subscription.

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