Ex Medias, a renowned artist collective celebrated for its unity and diverse talents, has revealed the launch of the fourth edition in their esteemed Ex Medias compilation series. This latest release, featuring a whopping 15 tracks, marks a significant milestone for the collective, showcasing their dedication to presenting a wide spectrum of sounds and talents while strengthening their distinctive bond as a creative family.

Kicking off the album is Able Grey with “I Need Your Love,” featuring MEDYK, establishing a precedent with its emotionally charged melodic bass that exemplifies the profound emotional range achievable in electronic music. Following suit, JWILLI’sIt’s Not That Easy” offers a more introspective perspective, blending robust drum and bass elements with a contemplative mood.

The tempo takes a shift with Free Apollo’sEverything You Want VIP,” a track that intensifies the drum and bass impact. FLYNNINHO raises the stakes even higher with “TEAR THE CLUB DOWN,” introducing a robust riddim that elevates the energy to unprecedented levels.

Emurse’sParallax” provides a cinematic wave genre experience, immersing listeners in a dystopian soundscape, while DREAMBAY’sDANCEWITHME!” offers a breather with its lively and melodic mid-tempo beats. Zarkilor then surprises with “Day By Day,” an experimental fusion of breaks and UKG, showcasing a penchant for inventive soundscapes.

The compilation explores various house influences, from the smooth, piano-driven melodies of Jon Alfaro & Yorii’sAnxious” and Blk Out’sSomething About You” to the classic vibes of Fourth Co.’sDesigned & Engineered.” Djorgiou & PsychE’sMonster” introduces a playful tech house track, providing a contrast to DJ GOOSE‘s darker “Dark Clouds,” a drum and bass piece characterized by its minimal yet melodic approach.

As the compilation approaches its conclusion, Phrequency’sTEAR IT DOWN” and HASHBBC’sBust It Underground” bring forth riddim and dubstep, delivering high-energy anthems. The finale, 80/40‘s “Obsessions,” combines electro and mid-tempo elements, bringing the journey to a satisfying and complete close.

Listen for yourself below!

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