It’s been a relatively quiet offseason for the Houston Astros, who will be looking to bounce back from their ALCS exit at the hands of the Texas Rangers. Although the club has a number of their top players secured for the upcoming season, there are many areas that they could look to improve upon.

Although the Houston Astros are only one year removed from winning the World Series title in 2022, they will need to consider their current roster construction to reach those heights.

“A look at the #Astros offseason:” – @sportsbyLD

Much like the rest of the offseason, there have been rumors swirling all offseason about which players could end up with Houston. However, like many rumors, some of the potential additions either made no sense financially or no sense from a roster-building standpoint.

In order to get an unbiased opinion on moves that the Astros should consider, we turned to the artificial intelligence program Google Bard. We asked the AI program to predict which free agents Houston should sign this offseason. Some have been mentioned previously, while others may not have been linked to the club before.

A closer look at Google Bard’s offseason predictions for the Houston Astros

The artificial intelligence program named several free agents, some with varying levels of probability to others. Google Bard believes that the two players that Houston will most likely add this offseason are Jordan Hicks and Rhys Hoskins.

Given Houston’s need to bolster their bullpen, Jordan Hicks is the one free agent that makes the most sense for the Astros to sign. A proven relief pitcher entering the prime of his career, he could be an intriguing fit.

Google Bard believes that Jordan Hicks and Rhys Hoskins are the most likely fits with Houston
Google Bard believes that Jordan Hicks and Rhys Hoskins are the most likely fits with Houston

The program believes that there are two starting pitching options that the team could consider depending on both the cost and the number of teams vying for their signatures. Those pitchers are Blake Snell and Jordan Montgomery. While Snell will likely come at a much higher cost, both could be fantastic signings for Houston.

Google Bard named three free agents who are unlikely signings for the Houston Astros

Unfortunately for Houston Astros fans looking to land some of these stars, the artificial intelligence program has virtually ruled out the signing of Cody Bellinger, Josh Hader, and J.D. Martinez.

“Now that Shohei Ohtani has signed, can we talk about how much a team is about to overpay Cody Bellinger?” – @TheAstrosLocker

While these three would be massive signings for the Astros, Google Bard believes a combination of finances, competition from other teams, and other free-agent options could keep them away from signing these three.

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