Nike’s basketball sneaker design, Nike GT Hustle 2, most recently joined the brand’s “Year of the Dragon” roster for the coming year. This latest “Year of the Dragon” colorway of the stated model is dressed in a White/Pale Vanilla-Varsity Red-Black palette.

The Nike GT Hustle 2 “Year of the Dragon” shoes are expected to arrive for sale in the spring of 2024, as per early reports from Sneaker Bar Detroit. Reportedly, they will be available for purchase from Nike and other select retailers both online and in-store. These pairs are anticipated to arrive with a $170 price tag.

Nike GT Hustle 2 “Year of the Dragon” shoes are adorned with Varsity Red accents all over

Here's a detailed look at the sneaker (Image via Nike)
Here’s a detailed look at the sneaker (Image via Nike)

Nike is gearing up to honor the festive mood of the Chinese Year of the Dragon, which is getting closer as the Lunar New Year draws near. The Oregon-based sneaker business is well-known for its forward-thinking designs and the way it celebrates different cultures through sneakers.

This time around, Nike Inc. is bringing a distinctive flair to its broad selection of models, one of which is the Nike GT Hustle 2, which is an extension of the Year of the Dragon range.

The GT Hustle 2 serves as the exhibit of this collection, even though it also includes other special versions featuring the Ja 1 and a new interpretation of the Nike KD 4, each of which embodies the dragon’s essence in its own unique way.

A combination of classic design elements and cutting-edge sneaker innovation sets the Nike GT Hustle 2 “Year of the Dragon” apart from the crowd. On the top, the layout features an appealing mix of white and cream hues, which are accentuated with vibrant accents in red, black, and blue.

On the other hand, the midfoot as well as heel areas are completely white, while the mudguard and the exterior of the toebox are decorated with creamy tones. The tongue features the well-known “Just Do It” slogan, which is surrounded by a red leather band and provides an obvious distinction to the cream backdrop.

Here's a closer look at the heels and tongues (Image via Nike)
Here’s a closer look at the heels and tongues (Image via Nike)

The revamped Swoosh pattern on the midfoot of the sneaker is one of the most compelling elements of this sneaker. It is further highlighted by an exclusive Year of the Dragon tag, which represents power as well as success.

In addition, the insole, the inner layer of the tongue, and the heel cap all feature dragon-themed details. Each of these features was painstakingly crafted in order to honor the dragon’s mystical significance in Chinese culture.

Additionally, the appearance is finished off with a semi-translucent rubber outsole and a white midsole, which ensures that the shoe is both fashionable and functional. For sneakerheads who would like to know more, the following details about the GT Hustle 2 sneakers’ functioning can be found on Nike’s web page:

“One step can make all the difference when it’s game point, like a sneaky successful backdoor layup that’s blocked if not for a sliver of separation, or a last-second leap at your opponent that sends their 3 clanking off the rim. We used insights from female athletes to make the G.T. Hustle 2 soft, supportive, and lightweight—which every basketball player needs.”

Be on the lookout for the upcoming Nike GT Hustle 2 “Year of the Dragon” sneakers, which will be made available in the near future. Those who are interested in acquiring these basketball shoes are strongly encouraged to follow the Swoosh website in order to receive timely notifications regarding their arrival.

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